In 2010 I made the leap and became a professional photographer.

However, my passion for photography goes way back to middle school when I took my first photography class. This is when I first learned about all the possibilities of photography. 

I have always been a very creative and imaginative person, but I am someone who can not draw, paint, sculpt or competently complete any form of “traditional” art (believe me, you don’t want to see my stick figures). I found myself consistently creatively frustrated with no outlet for my visions. However, my frustrations became a thing of the past when I discovered the world of photography.

It has been a long journey since that class in 8th grade, but I am so grateful for the outlet and opportunities photography has given me. What I am even more grateful for are the people who I have met along the way; the people who have trusted me to capture their precious memories, milestones, unforgettable moments and treasured relationships. I am all about capturing real emotion and real relationships – I’d love to tell your personal story.  


1. Relationship Status: Married to the studly-ist stud-mo man in the world. Tall, dark and handsome originated from him. Derek Zoolander has NOTHING on Derick Barnwell.   

2. Kids: I have two of the most raddest step daughters in the world!

3. Hometown: Even though I spent most of my kid years in the tiny ski town of Mammoth Lakes, CA, I’d say I did most of my growing up in Bellingham, WA. I am definitely a Pacific Northwest girl through and through.

4. Photography Genre: I am a portrait photographer, focused on photographing real teens, women and couples. My true focus and passion is to empower women through portraits by creating the most beautiful images they have ever seen of themselves.

5. Photography Style: Warm. Real. Timeless, Classic. 

6. Describe My Personality: Energetic, friendly, lots of laughter, fun, creative, approachable, directorial and focused.

7. Tea Time: Now, make sure you are sitting down for this…maybe grab a brown paper bag to help monitor you breathing…but I do not like coffee. It repulses me to my very core. I know, I know, how can I call myself a Washingtonian, a Pacific Northwesterner, nay … an AMERICAN with this type of treachery!? Well, I do, and I can. However, that being said, give me a nice cup of Twinings Earl Grey Tea any day and you and I will be instant friends. Life’s more fun at a tea party anyway!

8. Music: Adele. She is my everything. Enough said.

9. Canine Obsession: Pembroke Welsh Corgis. One day I will have a flock of them and you can call me the crazy corgi lady.

10. Special Talents: I actually have a special talent for doing different accents, impersonations, characters and voices, that I will occasionally pull out on a shoot. Anything for a smile right? But if Olga the Russian beet farmer comes out, you’re in trouble.

11.  Where did you get your name?: I was named after my parent’s real estate mortgage rep. Yep, true story.

My parents were having a hard time agreeing on a name, so my dad decided that "the next person who calls will be our daughters name." So sure enough, my mom answers the phone with their mortgage rep on the other end and said ... 

“Hi, Kelsey”, and with that one greeting, my dad sat up and shouted ... “THAT’S IT!”

Are you ready to exist in photos? I'd love to capture your story. Please contaCT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION! I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!